About us

At Uniteam Cruise Service we aspire to be the local hiring partner of choice for candidates who aspire to work onboard in the Cruise sector.

We get to know our candidates personally and go through a prescreening process to ensure their skills, personality and values match with the clients’ so that everyone is satisfied.

We create tailored training programmes in hospitality, catering or marine at our world class training facility to ensure candidates are ready in every sense to successfully continue their careers onboard.

Meet the team

Richard Knighton


Richard Knighton is the Director at Uniteam Cruise Services, leading his team and overseeing the successful creation, expansion and retention of each client’s talent pool. With access to a large, relatively untapped market of talent, Richard ensures that Uniteam Cruise Services always provides clients and Cruise personnel with a dedicated, professional service, matching their needs and aspirations at every step.

Naing Win Tin

Operations Manager

Naing Win Tin leads Uniteam Cruise Services with expertise and unwavering dedication. Drawing upon a deep understanding of client values, he is wholeheartedly committed to delivering prompt and exceptional services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. With an impressive background spanning over 20 years in Maritime HR and extensive seagoing experience, Naing Win Tin possesses a wealth of comprehensive knowledge in the industry. As a pivotal figure within the organization, he plays a crucial role in overseeing and managing day-to-day operations, ensuring seamless functionality and the achievement of organizational goals.

Nai Maung Maung

Deployment & Retention Manager

Nai Maung Maung leads our team in Myanmar. Managing the talent intake on a very personal level and preparing them for their working adventures onboard, Nai Maung Maung ensures that Uniteam Cruise Services is tuned in to providing the right people who will deliver the results for our clients. Nai Maung Maung enables the safe and smooth deployment of all personnel, ensuring that they are confident and well prepared for their contracts.

Ba Hlaing Win

Training & Development Manager

Ba Hlaing Win manages the competency development frameworks, ensuring that any bespoke client solutions requested are successfully delivered. Working closely with our own Uniteam Training Centre, Ba Hlaing Win manages the shoreside development of talent pools in line with client’s requirements and ensuring Uniteam Cruise Services own aspired competency levels are achieved. From the highest quality basic STCW training to bespoke Cruise preparation courses, Uniteam Cruise Services has it covered. Your success is our success.

Wai Yan Min Htet

Cruise Personnel Operator (Recruitment)

Wai Yan Min Htet meticulously handles the resumes of individuals who express genuine interest and apply to work on cruise ships. He oversees the arrangement of interviews between the candidates and the operation manager. By carefully evaluating the candidates' qualifications and matching them with the specific requirements outlined by the owners, Wai Yan Min Htet ensures that only those with relevant experience and skills progress to the interview stage. His meticulous approach, guidance, and support contribute significantly to the successful identification and selection of candidates who align with the requirements and standards of the owners.

Hsu Myat Thu

Cruise Personnel Operator (Medical)

Hsu Myat Thu is a highly dedicated and meticulous professional responsible for overseeing and managing the pre-medical examination process for seafarers. She ensures that seafarers undergo comprehensive medical assessments to meet the stringent requirements set forth by cruise companies. With her expertise, she effectively liaises with medical practitioners, clinics, and testing facilities to organize and coordinate the timely completion of medical examinations for seafarers. She meticulously reviews medical reports, laboratory results, and diagnostic tests to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Am Shang

Cruise Personnel Operator (Deployment & Retention)

Am Shang assumes the pivotal role of Crew Documentation and Readiness Coordinator, ensuring the smooth and efficient handling of crew-related processes and personal information. With an unwavering commitment to detail, she diligently verifies that crew members possess valid documentation that meets the requirements set forth by clients prior to their embarkation.

May Thet Htet Aung

Cruise Personnel Operator (Administration)

May Thet Htet Aung checks the crew planning on a weekly basis, meticulously reviewing schedules and ensuring that all necessary arrangements are made for crew members' visas in a timely manner. In addition, she takes charge of preparing crew departures and conducting thorough briefings to ensure that crew members are well-informed about their assignments and responsibilities. She meticulously follows up to ensure that all necessary documentation and travel arrangements are in place, reporting any issues or delays to the department manager.