Uniteam Marine Yangon is Prioritising Health and Financial Well-Being for their Seafarers

Uniteam Marine Yangon transcends its role as a mere employer; it epitomises a close-knit family that has been carefully cultivated over the years.

We offer not just employment opportunities and consistent income but ensure job security and nurture career growth, all while taking care of every member of our expansive family.
With this profound sense of responsibility and dedication, we recently organised two enlightening events in Yangon, designed specifically for our loyal seafarers. These events aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle and adept financial management.

The initial event unfolded on 10 September 2023, embracing the theme “Common Medical Issues and Fostering Healthy Living for Seafarers.” We are staunch believers in the mantra that prevention surpasses cure, and upholding a healthy lifestyle through balanced nutrition and routine exercise is vital for the well-being of our seafarers.

During this gathering, we were fortunate to host specialist doctors from Marine Clinic Yangon. They bestowed valuable wisdom regarding frequent medical complications encountered during the pre-employment medical examination (PEME). The discussions spanned general medical discoveries, bone and joint challenges, their repercussions, and a detailed study into the origins and ramifications of abnormal biomedical test outcomes. The topics of chronic sinusitis and radiological abnormalities were dissected as well.

Besides our respected medical professionals, we were delighted to introduce Dr Hein Htet Kyaw, colloquially known as Dr Steel, as our distinguished guest speaker. Dr Steel shared his profound expertise on physical fitness, BMI regulation, preserving a nutritious diet, and embracing an all-encompassing approach to health.
The assembly attracted an impressive crowd, drawing in approximately 200 seafarers, underlining our unwavering commitment to the welfare and professional growth of our Uniteam Marine Yangon family.

The subsequent event, orchestrated in partnership with AYA Bank on 16 September 2023, carried the theme:

“Fulfilling Dreams: Navigating Finances for Tomorrow.”

In our ever-evolving world, chasing financial autonomy and ensuring a tranquil future are shared dreams. At Uniteam Marine Yangon, we acknowledge that endowing our seafarers and their kin with adept financial stewardship is pivotal in realizing these objectives.

During this gathering, distinguished senior delegates from AYA Bank generously imparted their profound financial acumen. Their goal was to enlighten our seafarers about judicious investment tactics for their well-deserved earnings. Furthermore, they showcased the exclusive financial services tailored for Uniteam Marine Yangon’s seafarers and their families, aiming to fortify their fiscal stability.

The seminar was segmented into two instructive sessions and garnered an overwhelming presence, with an audience exceeding 300. This laudable participation underscores the fervent enthusiasm and commitment of our Uniteam Marine Yangon community in safeguarding their financial tomorrows.

Capt. Tin Maung Tun – Managing Director